Do You Need Some Direction?

If The Answer Is Yes, Then Who Do You Turn To?

Who knows your situation better than anyone else?

Who best knows the individuals involved in your implementation?

The answer to these questions is… YOU do!

There’s Only One Problem…

You probably don’t implement business software for a living and perhaps you have NEVER been involved in a project like this!

As a result, while you do know the situations and the people involved, you lack a course of action and the confidence that you need to lead your team to the finish line – to Go Live.

We have all heard the stories about the millions of dollars lost as a result of failed implementations or the companies that had to Go Live TWICE…

So with all that is riding on the project, you might consider having one or more consultants run the implementation… Well there is actually a second problem…

Who’s Got The Ball?

While there are certainly qualified consultants out there who are more than willing to take the lead role in your implementation, Management will always require internal accountability.

In my case, THAT buck usually stopped WITH ME!

My Journey

My name is Rick Nielsen and like you I was faced with these challenges…

For more that 20 years I had to look for direction and advice from outside the organization, my confidence increased by hired guns, but never knowing when I would get the call that…My star consultant…

  • My “safety net” had just resigned…
  • My direction and confidence dissolved…

I attended conferences, took courses and specialized training that helped me through tough spots, but I could only dream about a straight-forward implementation template and methodology.

Over time, I took what made sense and what worked in the situations that I found myself in.

Business Software Implementation Tracker

I told myself that one day I would formalize my findings into a system, so that others could avoid many of the pitfalls that I stumbled in to on my journey.

This finally all came together and the Business Software Implementation Tracker was born…

The Business Software Implementation Tracker (BSIT)

Is a common sense approach to implementing ERP, CRM or any other business software package…

The Business Software Implementation Tracker Way

The “BSIT” approach is platform and application independent.
Put in to English it does not matter if you are implementing an SAP, Oracle, Infor,
or any other large scale business system.

The BSIT approach is:

  • General enough to work with any ERP or CRM package and…
  • Specific enough to give you rock solid direction and guidance.

The Business Software Implementation Tracker provides you with:

  • A Roadmap and a step-by-step process that all business software implementations follow and…
  • Acts as a Software Implementation “GPS” to periodically pinpoint your progress and the immediate actions required at that specific point in time.

With these tools you will know which way to turn whenever you reach a crossroad and have the confidence you need to continually make progress…


The Business Software Implementation Tracker is a 3 part system:

Part 1 – System Intro and Basic Training

Part 2 – Getting Started with the System

Part 3 – The Implementation Workbook

Part 1 – System Intro and Basic Training

Part 1 walks you through a “top down” basic training that defines the business software implementation process, first in summary and then in detail…

Without the theory behind a system, its effectiveness is at best compromised and in many situations, useless…

You will cover…

The 7 Phases of an Implementation

The 14 underlying Steps in each Phase

The 15 Implementation Elements that traverse each Phase and Step in your Implementation

The Phases and Steps of the Implementation Process

So let’s take a look at the critical Phases and Steps associated with an ERP or CRM implementation…

Phase 1 – Justify / Define – Define Your Requirements

Step 1 – Build a system justification and gain top management support

Step 2 – Define your requirements and a detailed system specification

Business Software Implementation Tracker

Phase 2 – Source / Qualify – Find the System that is Right for You

Step 3 – Generate a short list of suppliers

Step 4 – Qualify and select your supplier

Phase 3 – Negotiate and Purchase Your System

Step 5 – Negotiate the best price, terms and service with your selected supplier

Step 6 – Purchase your system

Phase 4 – Set Up Your New System

Step 7 – Install and configure your hardware and software

Step 8 – Migrate and test your data

Phase 5 – Integrate and Test Your Business Processes

Step 9 – Integrate your business processes

Step 10 – Test your processes

Phase 6 – Train Your End Users

Step 11 – Develop training and documentation

Step 12 – Train your end users

Phase 7 – Going Live

Step 13 – Preflight – Make sure that all systems are Go!

Step 14 – Go Live – Cut over to your new system

Implementation Elements

Implementation Elements are activities that require attention and coordination throughout the life of your implementation. They interrelate in many instances and must be reviewed regularly and consistently.

Without coordination, the component parts of a system cease to function. Implementation Elements are the glue and the DNA of a business software implementation and without them working together as interdependent activities, timing will suffer and resources will be wasted.

The Elements Are:

  • Step Description
  • Step Deliverable
  • Implementation Team
  • Phase / Activity Teams
  • Project Events / Meetings
  • Project Management
  • Policy Management
  • Process Management
  • System Management /Configuration
  • System Customization
  • System Security
  • System Reporting / Business Intelligence
  • System Admin / Application Training / End User Training
  • System Testing / Verification
  • Documentation

Putting the Pieces Together

Next you will learn about the interaction of the component parts of the Business Software Implementation Tracker. This training step is crucial… Without a smooth transition from the theory to the practical application of any system, success will be limited.

First via a summation and then a graphical walk-through of the system from a number of important perspectives:

Step 1 – The flow of an implementation

Step 2 – The relationships between the parts of an implementation

Step 3 – Where you are in the implementation; How to determine your current project status.

Part 2 – Getting Started with the BSIT System

You cannot start a journey, get direction and gain confidence without first knowing where you are.

Part 2 will help you determine your starting point as a new user to the Business Software Implementation Tracker in one of the following ways:


  • If you have not yet started your implementation: By orienting you with some basic tools and starting at the beginning.
  • If you are in the middle of an implementation: By assessing your current status, where to focus and pinpointing current important tasks.

Part 3 – The Implementation Workbook

Part 3 comprises about 80% or 400 pages of the overall guide and is the WORKING SECTION of the system.
Part 3 centers on an iterative Review Cycle as you move through your implementation.

This Review Cycle consists of three parts:

  • The Detail
  • The Readiness Calculator
  • The Readiness Tracker Form

1 – The Detail

The Detail section is where you will spend the majority of your time. You will find that you only need to spend a few minutes in a given section and then you can get on with the critical tasks that confront you at that point in your project progress…

Without the details, the cross functional relationships at the “runway” level, your “next action” can be difficult to identify…

The detail of the Phases, Steps and Elements are:

  • Phase Overview
  • Step Overview
  • Implementation Elements – 14 Elements to each Step
  • Step Milestone and Action Items

Each Phase, Step and Element is both color-coded and numerically coded for easy reference, access and identification.

2 – The Readiness Calculator

The Readiness Calculator is a visual tool that breaks your software implementation up in to the Phases, Steps and Elements as laid out in the detail section of the manual.

Success loves speed – and if you are not continually and quickly adjusting and refining your implementation tactics and direction, you will lose momentum and perhaps stop making progress altogether.

The Readiness Calculator will aid you in quickly determining and quantifying progress in your implementation at any point in time.

The Readiness Calculator comes in two flavors:

The Standard Edition

Designed to print in large format – provides you with visual cues that will allow you to quickly calculate and determine your current project status.

The Premium Edition

Is an enhanced version developed in MS Excel format that allows you to perform most calculations automatically.

3 – The Readiness Tracker Form

Without consistent quantitative updates, Management will not have a clear picture of progress and as time goes by they will lose focus and find other priorities that will take precedence over your implementation.

The Readiness Tracker Form allows you to capture the data generated from the Readiness Calculator as a “snap shot” of your progress at any point in time and acts as a quick way to easily report your progress to Management.

Note – the Readiness Calculator – Premium Edition has a built in auto-generated Readiness Tracker report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – I am busy enough as it is – how will I ever find time to read a 500+ page manual?

A – The Business Software Implementation Tracker is not designed to sit down and read. True, you should read about 50 pages of theory, but after that, it will be your “Implementation – Desktop Guide” and you will only devote time to refocus and re-prioritize.

Q - My project is so dynamic and fluid, how can I keep track of it all?

A – By only focusing on those aspects of your project that are critical at that particular point in time. This is the essence of the Business Software Implementation Tracker.

Q – How much does the Business Software Implementation Tracker cost?

A - With the cost of the Business Software Implementation Tracker Premium Edition at about 1/2 the cost of 1 HOUR of consulting time it will pay for itself in a matter of days! See below for details…

Iron Clad Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the Business Software Implementation Tracker for any reason, I will gladly refund the full price paid for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

An End User Centric System

The Business Software Implementation Tracker provides you with the needed direction when implementing a business software system. If your consultant is in the driver’s seat, it’s only a matter of time until a decision must be made or status must be provided to Management – and you might not prepared. The BSIT will help you to take more responsibility for your implementation and only utilize consultants and “experts” where their expertise it truly required.

A Detailed System

Managing a project can be extremely time consuming and as a result, a couple of things can happen:

First – You get too busy and the project is “just too big” and as a result, you don’t devote sufficient time to determine needed direction and actions.

SecondYou can devote so much time to planning and project management that little progress is actually made on the implementation!


The Business Software Implementation Tracker is detailed enough to direct your attention to your current phase, step and implementation elements so that you can zoom in and out at will. As a result, you can assign or status action items that matter most to you and your team at that specific point in time.


A Flexible System

Implementing ERP, CRM or any other business software system is complicated and the packages are all so different that when you implement a different type of system, you need a new approach, new consultants and again, the direction and confidence slip away.

The Business Software Implementation Tracker is flexible enough that you can use it to implement just about any large scale business software package. From ERP to CRM to a Supply Chain Management System, the Business Software Implementation Tracker quickly adapts to your current application and situation.

A Perfect Fit For You

Business Software Implementation Tracker

The complexity can be overwhelming and losing control of the project seems inevitable.

What actions should I take and when should I bring in a consultant?

The 200+ implementation elements and over 400 action items weave threads throughout the entire fabric of your implementation and while the Business Software Implementation Tracker takes you step by step through the process, you can tailor it to fit your needs every step of the way.

Let the Business Software Implementation Tracker put YOU in the Implementation Driver’s Seat – Today!

If all this sounds good, I am going to make it even better. I am going to include these additional bonuses:

  • The Business Software Implementation Glossary
  • A Series of Visual QuickGuides
  • A Special Report


BONUS # 1 (Value $19.95)

The Business Software Implementation Glossary

Simple Definitions to Complex Terms… This glossary will provide you with definitions that are difficult to find anywhere else. Make sense out of the jargon, sound like a pro and make faster progress in you implementation.

BONUS # 2 (Value $19.95)

The Anatomy of a Detail Phase Step – Visual QuickGuide

A visual walk through of the Part 3 – “Detail” section of the “Tracker” will provide the “visual learner” with a quick single page overview of this critical portion of the Business Software Implementation Tracker. The Anatomy of a Detail Phase Step will get you working in less time.

BONUS # 3 (Value $19.95)

The ERP Market – Visual QuickGuide

So few people understand what differentiates one ERP supplier from another and how to “segment” them for the purposes of selection and qualification. This indispensable visual overview of the structure and attributes of the ERP supplier market will provide you with a unique perspective.

BONUS # 4 (Value $29.95)

DataBasics Special Report

This overview of the modern database is a simple straight forward introduction to the terms and the mechanics of the data management system the lies at the heart of your business software. Without this understanding you will be at a serious disadvantage in ALL phases of your implementation. With this Special Report, you will be able to gain quick insight into the database, how it works and the major players in the current market.

BONUS # 5 (Included with the DataBasics Special Report)

DataBasics Visual QuickGuide

This Visual QuickGuide companion to the DataBasics Special Report will provide you with a 10,000 foot overview of how a database works in a matter of minutes.

As I mentioned earlier, the cost of the Premium Edition is far less than the cost of ONE HOUR of a consultants time! And the Tracker will NOT ONLY be there for you during your current project, but the many more that you will face in years to come…

Available for INSTANT download…

Included Standard Edition Premium Edition
Business Software Implementation Tracker – 500+ Page Guide X X
Readiness Calculator Standard Edition X X
Bonus # 1 – The Business Software Implementation Glossary X X
Readiness Calculator – Premium Edition X
Bonus # 2 – The Anatomy of a Detail Phase Step – Visual QuickGuide X
Bonus # 3 – The ERP Market – Visual QuickGuide X
Bonus # 4 – DataBasics Special Report X
Bonus # 5 – DataBasics Visual QuickGuide X
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