My name is Rick Nielsen, the owner of Business Learning Systems, a full service eLearning and NewMedia coaching and development provider.

  • I have been an eLearning developer for the past 10 years and have produced applications in Flash and other proprietary Courseware based training and educational applications delivered via the web, CD and local area network.
  • In have developed “new media” podcasting and blogging solutions…
  • I am an instructional designer and with the aid of my team, can provide rich multimedia learning solutions including audio, video, graphics, animation and quiz content.
  • I have extensive experience in the corporate world as an Information Systems and Materials professional for over 30 years.
  • I have served as a systems analyst and, integrator, a project manager and a co-developer on many hardware, software and system implementations.

I am an active member of the eLearning Guild and speak at national conferences and via virtual events on eLearning, podcasting and audio production.

I currently host eLearning Radio, a ELR Header Web Page Adder 01podcast devoted to providing those charged with developing and delivering training in their organizations with no nonsense advice and direction in all things eLearning.BSIT Book Cover

www.elearingradio.com or iTunes: eLearning radio

I have written two books on implementing enterprise systems in small and midmarket companies:

Purpose Driven ERP, focused on systems justification and specification and the The Business Software Implementation Tracker that covers the software implementation process from beginning to end.

On a personal note, I live in Northern California,  I am an avid practitioner of Tai Chi and love fly-fishing… the north state is a great place to live!

Hope to talk to you soon!